Victoria Dayneko seeking man online Dating

Виктория Дайнеко ищет мужчину на сайте знакомств
Singer after the divorce has updated their profile.

Photo: Instagram

After the divorce, Cheryl Cole has become a surprise fan of his unstable behavior. The girl writes in social networks, how happy to be free, its page appear reasoning about loneliness, it makes the claim its already the former spouse. Interestingly, the most explicit positions after some time completely disappear from the blog of the singer. It seems like Vic can’t cope with emotions, and then spilling them outright removes the posts from the Network.

This time Dayneko asked fans of the Board, if its a new photo for the famous Dating website.

“Divorce is a great time to update photos on a Dating site”, — she wrote.

The photo was liked by all. She was compared to Amy Winehouse and Jacqueline Kennedy in this manner. But on the next statements about divorce Vick even criticized.

“You’re so cool, talented, beautiful. Stop trying to put the focus on your divorce! You’re not the first and not the last of the women who are divorced. Will meet a decent man!” — wrote her a fan.

“Advice for the future: do not spread on all the public their relationship, wrote another fan. — No matter how developed your marriage: successful or not successful, your husband was your choice, and how short or long the marriage was, respectfully need to treat it. And posts on vseobshee review on divorce put — it’s stupid and disrespectful both to myself and to her ex-husband. “Have pity on me, I divorced, my idols”.

Recall that Cheryl Cole has officially divorced her husband, musician Dmitry Kleiman in September of this year. They shared a teenage daughter who recently turned 2 years.