Викторию Дайнеко привели в чувство медики аэропорта The actress said that he lost consciousness at passport control. The paramedics insisted on her hospitalization, but the singer decided not to cancel the scheduled speech. Now she feels well.

Victoria Daineko came from vacation and went on a tour in the city of Kostanay. However, during the passport control the state of health of the singer has sharply worsened. She dropped pressure, after which the artist and completely lost consciousness.

“At the border control collapsed in a faint. It’s good to have a male shoulder to lean and not to split my head open in the fall. The ambulance wanted to take me to the hospital, but I’m not leaving my friends, who come to the concert today. The pressure lifted, and now I ate sweet and going to sleep”, – said the singer to the subscribers in Instagram.

The news has excited fans Daineko, who wished her a speedy recovery and good health. “Vic, hold on! It’s all the stress and busy schedule”, “I Hope that this will never happen again. Be careful and take care of yourself”, “What a nightmare! Well, that all happened,” – expressed his opinion of the fans of the stars.

Later Victoria said that she lost consciousness for a few minutes, and woke up on the street when she did a hand massage. The pressure of the singer reached a performance 70/60 why she fainted.

Earlier Daineko said he first leaves home after a long vacation and experiences in this regard with mixed feelings.

“For the first time in a month to keep her and already miss her so much”, – shared his emotions Victoria.

The actress has repeatedly admitted that she loves spending time with two-year-old Lydia. The young woman often, boasting the success of the baby and talks about the changes that occurred in her life in connection with motherhood. This summer, the singer was vacationing with her daughter in Paris and was delighted from spending time in the French capital.

Fans of Victoria are confident that her deteriorating health caused by problems in their personal lives. Recently a young woman officially divorced with Dmitry Kleiman. The pair failed to disperse peacefully, and the very Dayneko greatly offended that the beloved of intent to apply for dissolution of marriage she has learned from the media.

Now the actress devotes all her free time daughter and career. For the next six months, Victoria has outlined a few major speeches, and the fans hope that the star will be able to withstand touring schedule, without harming their own health.