Victoria Dayneko regret the choice of profession

Виктория Дайнеко жалеет о выборе профессии The singer quite often tells his subscribers about personal experiences. In the comments under one of the last shots of a young mother reported that he was afraid to ride the Elevator. Communicating with followers, she also admitted why sometimes regret the choice of profession.

      Виктория Дайнеко жалеет о выборе профессии

      Cheryl Cole seems to his fans a bold and decisive, but the stage image is not true. Singer strongly confirms this. She is not shy to tell about their fears, concerns, it is important to know the opinion of the audience. And now under one of the last photos of the actress wrote that is afraid to get on the Elevator. Victoria sometimes scared for her life, although she tries to laugh it off.

      Victoria Dayneko has been shaken because of the baby

      “To do a selfie while riding to not think about how really scared to go, especially when he makes some noises, or waves, straight at me the soul in heels”, – confessed the singer. Revelation Dayneko did not end there. Debating with one of the followers on the topic of phobias, she noted that she has a hard time flying on airplanes. Whenever a woman sits in the passenger seat, she begins to regret that she became an actress. Victoria often have to tour, so she is forced to move from town to town this way.

      Subscribers trying to be indifferent to the feelings of the singer. They strongly support it and ask to be less sensitive. According to them, all fears give rise to even greater concern that anything good does not lead. It turned out that almost my entire adult life before coming on stage Victoria traveled by train or bus, and the plane was afraid even to go. Some followers, drew attention to a review Dayneko surprised that with the experience of flight to date, she has not overcame the fear.

      “All the fears in our head!”, “Oh, what aircraft, I lift too, I’m afraid. Had a friend that fell with him. Survived, but I felt a little discourage”, “No need to cheat, tragedies happen everywhere. In the Elevator, the train, on the moon! How to live, if you think about it,” argued the commentators in the microblog artist.

      It is likely that Dayneko fears for his life intensified with the birth of his daughter. Recall that the baby was born in the fall of 2015. Fans of the singer are truly worried about her health, but noted that the young mother looks great. The artist is trying to raise a daughter in an atmosphere of love and attention. By the way, for nearly three years, Victoria is married to the drummer for the band DrumCast Dmitry Kleiman.