Виктория Дайнеко готова к новым отношениям
The singer made a very Frank statement.

Victoria Dayneko

Cheryl Cole admitted that she considers the past year is good, and the title of “the proud bachelor,” even glad. “The main thing in the past year
there was peace and harmony, and I never realized how these two aspects
important thing in life to do something good and something important! — shared
singer. And may this year I spent a proud bachelor, I don’t regret it a bit.
Sometimes you just need to stop and just live for yourself, not looking back at any
anyone. And Love? It will certainly, where else should it go! The main thing now,
so my daughter was happy, parents and friends favorite around! All
the rest is details that can be transferred to 2018!”

By the way, not so long ago, it turned out that the ex-husband of Victoria
Daineko Dmitri kleyman, who, by the way, he filed for divorce from singer, not
placing it in the fame, have already found their love. Some time ago Kleiman
intrigued subscribers photography
with a striking blonde.

He ambiguously signed a photo: “No questions…”
leaving fans in disbelief. But some time later, the musician has placed all
in its place. In his personal blog, there is a new photo with the same
beauty, where he kissed her right in the frame. The girl, whose name is Love
Subbotin, in turn, also spaced the exact same frame in their social networks.