Victoria Dayneko pursue failure

Викторию Дайнеко преследуют неудачи Before the performance in Krasnodar, the stars have no voice. ENT doctor helped the singer to recover the ligament for some time, however, the entire concert program Daineko barely finished. Back in Moscow, the singer urgently appealed to the doctors.

      Викторию Дайнеко преследуют неудачи

      Recently Russian singer chasing trouble. Recently, the singer treated her little daughter who had a bad cough and a runny nose, and recently, needed help the most. It all started with the fact that Victoria dropped the folder from the top shelf of the cupboard, touched the eye and damaged the retina. Came to the aid of neighbors and friends who brought the drugs. “I’ll live, and as the roar will be bolnovato, better will laugh at you and your luck”, – joked the singer.

      But the biggest stress was waiting for the star over the weekend. Viktoriya Dayneko was to give a concert in Krasnodar. However, on the way to the airport she had voice problems.

      “The concert in another city has not been canceled, went to the airport. On the way we decided to warm up on favorite moment in the song Bang Bang the voice trembled. In the aircraft laid ears on the rise. On landing I was already helping the Board-conductors. Give me your last stick of gum and gave two cups of hot napkins to warm the ears. Sitting, chewing, leaning on the glass to each ear. When we landed, I realized that you can barely hear from my right ear, the left is generally “offended”. The first thing I beg the organizers to find a good ENT doctor” – shared their problems Daineko.

      For half an hour the singer has spruced up, the doctor helped her regain her voice. “ENT “dishonored” my nose is a long wire with adrenaline. It hurt, but I had to do it twice. The left ear was too little to hear. In confidence he said, “will sing – will tear a voice…”. Rushed on deck, changed clothes, wore sunglasses on her eyes, came on the scene. Sing,” – said Victoria to its subscribers in the microblog.

      However, the photos pop star looks very confident that they not tell how much effort she was worth it. Sunglasses did not spoil a scenic image of the singer. Despite the help of doctors, the last songs of the concert program at Victoria again began to have problems with ligaments.

      “The voice “ended”. The last effort I was done. To include the soundtrack was really quite shameful. Now I can only speak sipe vote no.” On arrival in Moscow Victoria desperately started to call doctors to explained to her that happened to her body. To get on reception to the expert was not easy. Operators of the clinics said doctors go to concerts and events only by appointment and for a fee.

      “Only after I had promised to help. Made an appointment and hope that the doctor will save my voice. The next concert soon. And in General I think that the artist is not a profession. The artist is a way of life dramatically to the adventure genre”, – shared Victoria. Later it became known that the doctors ordered the star certain pills that will help her sing again hassle-free.

      Fans worried about their favorite singer and tried to cheer her up. Their support really helped Daineko. The star complies with the recommendations of doctors and is on the mend.

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