Виктория Дайнеко не готова к серьезным отношениям после развода The singer denied a romance with a hockey player. Victoria claims that she is friends with Grigory Panin, but her heart is still free. Daineko, hoping to meet a loved one in the coming year.

Some time ago friends of Victoria Daineko reported that she started Dating hockey player Grigory Panin. Each of them went through a difficult divorce. According to the entourage of the singer, the pair did not advertise the relationship. The BC says that she was really familiar about him, but about any love there can be no question.

“I never was in a relationship with hockey player Grigory Panin. This speculation, which is advantageous to dissolve my enemies. At the moment I’m a free girl and not Dating anyone. Grigory Panin’s my friend, and if I signed up for Instagram, or that guy, this does not mean that I have an affair with him,” said Victoria.

Dayneko gave to understand that while you cannot think about a new relationship. Artist wonder why some women prefer to hide their loneliness. “I was very amused when the girls, after breaking up with her boyfriend, as soon as possible I try to spread fotochki with a new sponsor. I wonder are they trying to prove?” – says Daineko in the microblog.

We will remind, in the summer the court officially annulled the marriage artist Dmitry Kleiman. Victoria said that her husband was cheating on her. The last few months before the divorce is finalized the couple did not live together. Now the ex-participant of “factory of stars” hopes that in the future year are waiting for positive change.

“Most importantly, it is peace and harmony. I never realized how these two aspects are important in life to do something good and something important! And may this year I spent a proud bachelor, I don’t regret it a bit. Sometimes you just need to stop and just live for yourself, not looking at anyone. And love? It will certainly, where else should it go! Most importantly, now that my daughter was happy, parents and friends, loved ones surrounded. Everything else is details that can be transferred to 2018,” said Daineko in one of the posts.