Victoria Dayneko no one with whom to leave the child

Виктории Дайнеко не с кем оставить ребенка The actress is once again looking for a nanny for small leads. A month ago the popular singer was already looking for a caregiver for his beloved daughter. Then Dayneko complained that to find a worthy officer very difficult.

      Виктории Дайнеко не с кем оставить ребенка

      Recently Cheryl Cole has told fans on Instagram how sad she is given the quest of a man she can trust the most expensive – heiress. Star even compared it with the expectation of a life partner. She admitted that she is in despair, since no help came from the recommendations of friends and relatives or even special agencies for recruitment.

      However, I found Dayneko own Mary Poppins last time and has remained a mystery. In any case, now Belle resumed the search friendly woman. Victoria wants to find an educated, intelligent nanny with a love for children and extensive experience. That idol needs help to care for a child, fans of the singer learned from her “Instagram”. “Guys, urgently need a babysitter. Year-old child. With good recommendations. Write in Direct,” – addressed to the followers of the brunette.

      Recall that a month ago in the microblog Dayneko about this heated controversy. Users of the social network was unhappy with the fact that the woman does not hold heir 24 hours a day and asked for contacts for child care of strangers. The young mother couldn’t stay away and joined with the followers in a dialogue. She tried to explain that I would love to be raising my daughter alone, but is forced to work, to go to the grocery store and occasionally buy things for Lida. Also she told that could not bring the baby to the rehearsals and the shooting, because then she will be constantly distracted by it and not be able to focus on the process.

      Perhaps such a need is due to the fact that in recent weeks most of the time the girl pays it. Father of the heiress drummer Dmitry Kleiman Victoria broke up because of mutual misunderstandings. By the way, the first step to reconciliation while none of the young people was not carried out. The unwillingness to meet the official spouse of the musician has previously said the “StarHit”. Husband of Victoria Daineko about divorce: “Not going to fix anything”

      “We are not divorced like, but it happens all. I don’t know what it is. Let as Vic thinks and says. She will tell you the truth. Not going to fix anything. Hope she’s got something to do”, – said the artist.