Victoria Dayneko is struggling with her disease

Виктория Дайнеко борется с болезнью дочери The singer told that it intensively treats the child. Victoria Dayneko worried about my baby. Fans admire that young mother devotes time and care to Chad.

      Виктория Дайнеко борется с болезнью дочери

      Six months ago, a popular singer Victoria Daineko first became a mother of a beautiful girl. Despite such a joy in the family, the singer is not seeking to inform the public in all the details. Still fans do not even know the name of the baby. Not puts Victoria on public display and photographs of his daughter. The microblog singer is full of pictures in the nursery or near the baby’s crib. Despite the fact that the artist tries as possible to talk about their child, yet some news of her life, she willingly shares with subscribers. So, Victoria is upset his fans, saying that her daughter is sick.

      “During our free time from child cold and cough recall the old lessons,” – said Victoria.

      Fans were saddened by this news and began to support the artist, assuring that the cold is not the worst disease. Moreover, they assured Victoria that the treatment of the disease lasts so long, and also began to advise their own methods of dealing with the disease.

      “It’s all over, and runny nose too! A little while and will be together running in the Park. The main thing is not to lose heart!”, “Victoria, please, just listen to the doctors, no one is responsible for his tips on the other side of the screen,” supported by the fans of the singer.

      I must say that now the topic of health is very relevant to Victoria. Not so long ago, a young mother complained to her fans that her birth did not pass unnoticed. After the appearance of the long-awaited daughter into the light, she began to feel pain in his back. When the child began to gain weight, Victoria was getting harder to wear a daughter. In order to maintain health, Daineko decided at an early stage to prevent the development of illness and went to the clinic to specialists.

      “I had to pass. The greatest happiness in life no longer makes my back straighten at all. Girls, my most sincere advice to you, strengthen your back before you decide to become a mother, it never over does not happen! Because even the best moment in life has its consequences,” he shared advice to the future moms Victoria.

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