Victoria Dayneko is experiencing because of his weight

Виктория Дайнеко переживает из-за своего веса
The singer complained to the fans for the problems with the figure.

Victoria Dayneko

Artists, like anyone else, it is extremely important to stay fit. After all
the audience carefully consider them during the performance, noticing and exposing
typed critique of each kilogram. Victoria Daineko recently complained the fans in your figure.
It turned out that she was extremely unhappy with what the scales show her at
regular weighing.

“I may be small — 161 cm, but
weigh a lot of suspicion. 52 kg on the scales I look like a skeleton, 54
more or less human. There was a time (early 2013) when I was
63 kg, while the photo does not seem to be a bit chubby. Still don’t understand how
girl at the height 175cm manage to weigh 50kg and less…”

However, Dayneko found in the weight and
one big plus. “But according to ancient rumors in the fire I burned.
Witch woman over 50 kg could not be. A broom would not be lifted. In such
Duvanov as I need a more reliable form of transportation!” — joked the star.

By the way, despite the fact that the cherished a lot of girls weight 40 kilograms of Victoria far, it’s not exactly difficult for her to have a slim and trim figure. Recently Daineko shared in the microblog, which is posed in lingerie. By the way, after birth, the performer was able to quickly come to his old form.