Victoria Dayneko harass black magic

Викторию Дайнеко изводят черной магией
The singer told the fans to detractors.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

For many years Victoria Daineko live in a state of stress. As she told in “stories” of his personal blog, it has a pool of detractors. For a long time unknown conduct rites of black magic in the entrance of the house where Victoria. For a while she managed to save themselves from the excessive attention of these people — at the time of repair in his apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, the singer with a child rented a house outside the city. But when they returned home, everything began anew.

“They burn Church candles next to my door, pour the ashes in the mailbox room of my apartment, complained Victoria. — Don’t they realize that all the bad things that they want me sooner or later return to him?! Now you understand why I’m not going to show my daughter. It can be very dangerous!»

Really, in this situation, even the most newevery people will begin to fear for the safety of his family and himself. By the way, started all of these rites long before the marriage of Vicki and the birth of her daughter. Apparently, someone not haunted by its success.

By the way, daughter Dayneko for two and a half years, but no one so far except the inner circle of the singer, does not know the name of the girl. Victoria deliberately hides the name of the baby that none of the detractors could not somehow hurt her.