Victoria Dayneko got rid of the gift of her husband

Victoria Dayneko got rid of the gift of her husband Yesterday the star celebrated the thirtieth anniversary. On the anniversary of praise and received several dozen balloons. But instead keep a present from the wife, the singer released them into the sky. The artist explained his position to the subscribers.
Victoria Dayneko got rid of the gift of her husband

The winner of the fifth “American idol” Dayneko celebrated the 30th anniversary. Since a few months ago a young woman went with her husband, she did not expect that he would remember about her holiday. However, Dmitry Kleiman decided to make the actress and sent her a touching present. Victoria showed fans pictures of her posing with a bunch of white and pink balloons.

“Dima told me his gift to release into the sky. Though this is the second year in a row doing perfectly,” says the singer in social networks.
Victoria Dayneko got rid of the gift of her husband

Subscribers Dayneko started to leave her the nice words and congratulations. Many said that she looks very happy in these pictures.

“It’s very cool! Happy birthday, Vic! Health and much pleasure from life!”, “Let everything be super! Let the soul be always happy and on the spot!”, “Happiness, health, plenty of new hits!”, “Be happy, let your daughter pleases you every day, next will be the loved ones, relatives and beloved people!” such comments were written by fans of Victoria. Later, the star herself shared her impressions, describing the festival followers.

“An amazing day. With different emotions. In love, for attention. With gifts and good mood. Still had a bit to mourn and cry, to finally a productive first day of the thirtieth anniversary can be considered complete! Thank you for your love! It is a priceless gift! I appreciate it insanely! And I’m happy,” said star.

In one of his last interviews Daineko said that she feels absolute harmony with the inner world and learned to accept herself for who she is. She hoped that after 30 years her life will change for the better.

The relationship with the spouse the singer is trying not to comment, and it is not known that there was Dmitri on the occasion of Victoria. While fans of the star hope her reunion with her husband, numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva said that after a couple of years, the artist will find a new love.

“Two years later, she will meet a really good man who will become her lover. A year later after meeting Dayneko give birth to a new love child,” says Kuzenbaeva.