Victoria Dayneko found a babysitter for myself

Виктория Дайнеко нашла няню для себя The singer admitted that an assistant should not for a child, and for herself. Victoria Dayneko two months after birth returned to concert activity. The actress is trying all the free time to spend with my daughter.

      Виктория Дайнеко нашла няню для себя

      In October last year, the popular singer and the winner of “Factory of stars-5 Viktoriya Dayneko I first became a mom. Her husband, musician Dmitry Kleiman, the actress gave a charming daughter. Victoria did not long linger on maternity leave and is literally two months later he performed on stage and was struck by the fans that in such a short time was able to get in shape.

      Now Victoria’s great to combine work and care about the little girl. The singer performs at concerts, encouraged by his presence at social events, and strives to constantly spend my days with baby. In order not to worry about her daughter, when Daineko have to run an errand, she leaves the heir under the supervision of their parents. Victoria also hired an assistant, but admits that she watches not for the child, and the singer.

      “We are now working assistant, but she’s more like a babysitter for me: time feeds, waters and tea, does all that I decided not to. My parents, of course, also help,” admits Daineko.

      Despite the fact that the winner of “star Factory-5” and learned to allocate time to manage to do the most necessary things, it is quite difficult to find an opportunity to care for themselves.

      “I have really little time for herself. But I would not say that this is a disaster. I don’t go with the terrible makeup on the fingernails, take care of themselves, I think that is important. If you don’t like yourself, not to please anyone. Before, I might’ve sprayed on trifles and spend time on some unnecessary things, and now know the priorities”, – says Victoria.

      Even when the artist has to fly to performances in other cities, she tries to arrange the trip so as to spend less time on the road. Victoria always wants to be near the baby. I wonder what Victoria says quite a lot about her daughter, but still did not show their child and didn’t even say the name of the girl.

      “Now I in any case have much less to sleep. I booked a plane ticket so that I was on the ground right up to the moment of going on stage. And immediately after the concert to fly to as you can spend less time outside the home,” – said Daineko in an interview Womanhit.

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