Victoria Dayneko enraged by the daring act of the former spouse

Виктория Дайнеко в бешенстве от дерзкого поступка экс-супруга The singer is furious that her ex-husband disobeyed. Victoria Dineva outraged that Dmitry Kleiman posted a photo of his daughter without her permission. The winner of “American idol” explain why not want to show the child.
Виктория Дайнеко в бешенстве от дерзкого поступка экс-супруга

11 Oct former spouse Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman celebrated its 23rd anniversary. He was proud that a daughter born in the same month that he, and therefore coincides with the sign of the zodiac. The young man was first published in the microblog photo with little Lydia. In the picture was depicted as the baby sitting on the neck of the Pope, his feet dangling. The ex-husband of Victoria Daineko publicly presented a grown up daughter

Fans were surprised by such a frame, because for the past two years, Victoria not only showed the daughter, but even refused to call her name. The singer was furious from the act of ex-wife and explained to the fans his reluctance to share any information about the child. In her opinion, she acts solely out of security concerns. It seems that there are many people who want to harm her, but because she’s doing everything to protect the baby.

“For many years watched, not only fans, but also people who wish me all the horrible. These people I know in person, not so adequate, that I’m afraid sometimes for myself. Not to mention your child. So I don’t want pinkie saw her on the Network, not to mention her face and full name. As a mother I have the right and obligation to take all measures to protect your child from problems and inadequate people. So thank you all for your understanding,” wrote Victoria in Stories “Instagram”.

Victoria criticized Dmitry and did not hesitate in rough terms. She is deeply disappointed that the former husband dared her to disobey. According to the winner of the fifth season of “American idol”, the man does not take seriously its concerns, and therefore allows himself such liberties without her knowledge. Dayneko think that Kleiman tries to attract the attention of journalists.

“Now we’ve decided on the child PR – something I never allowed. Publish photos like that. It would be better cared for, and photos published. A doctor there brought, food brought, clothing bought, children’s club classes took. Just for a selfie and capable. The shame of it. I’m furious,” shared feelings Daineko.