Victoria Dayneko condemned for vulgarity

Викторию Дайнеко осудили за вульгарность A young mother appeared in the form of real Sluts. Fans of the singer did not appreciate her courage and began to teach it in the microblog. Many have wondered how the husband of Victoria Daineko refers to such publications, but the artist ignored these comments.

      Викторию Дайнеко осудили за вульгарность

      In October last year, Victoria Daineko and her husband Dmitry Kleiman became parents for the first time. The light appeared to their adorable daughter, whose name they still hide. Fans of star noticed that after giving birth she became much more liberated, bold and confident. This was evidenced by the many shots of Victoria with the surroundings, where it is not readily demonstrated the advantages of their figure. At this time, BC did not hesitate to publish more candid frame – a fresh picture star appears in the image of the fatal temptress. Seeing the photo, followers of the microblog of a young mother literally attacked her with accusations of depravity.

      “I broke up with my husband, so, all the same…”, “it is Strange to see a young mother in this way… As my husband refers to this photo in the public domain?”, “Young beautiful mother… Why? It is so far away from creativity and art. It is a pity,” said the Network users.

      She Daineko decided to leave comments of disappointed fans without attention. I must say, the artist rarely responds to subscribers in the microblog, wanting to keep the details of his personal life. What situation prevails in the family of Victoria, grows and develops as her daughter and what occupied the thoughts of a young mother, fans can only guess. Only sometimes the artist can afford to share some news, but it does not reveal all the cards.

      For example, when Daineko placed a photo of a child’s dress made for the child to order, fans guessed that she is preparing our daughter for baptism. Many then decided that after this Ordinance, the singer finally call your name baby, as normally superstitious, but this has not happened.

      A lot of questions from users of the Network causes the family life Victoria. Rumors of an impending divorce Dayneko and Kleiman from time to time erupted with renewed force – fans of couples are confused by the fact that spouses rarely share photos of a joint and some harmless posts I see hints of the breakup. About what is really going on in the family of the singer, only once voted for her husband.

      “We are fine – confessed “StarHit” Kleiman. All couples argue, that’s fine. We are a young family, we have a beautiful daughter with her too hard… We all learn something not always turns out… Vika periodically spends the night on his feet, the mood then affected by lack of sleep…. And she’s a temperamental girl. But more than a couple of hours we each other do not take offense. Hence, any separation and especially divorce, and speeches cannot be”.