Victoria Dayneko answered intimate questions

Виктория Дайнеко ответила на интимные вопросы The singer has frankly told about the spicy details of his personal life live on the radio. The winner of the fifth season of “American idol” did not hesitate to make a shocking statement, what struck fans.

After breaking up with husband Cheryl Cole does not lose time in vain, and in every way shows fans how she has an interesting life. She enjoys attending various social events and spends a lot of time with friends, while paying attention to the little girl.

The winner of the fifth season of “American idol” came to visit on a popular radio station, where he spent the morning of the show. Together with the leading singer sang songs, joked, talked. Not without revelations live. So, for example, quickly answering naughty questions, the girl admitted that she had sex on the first date. Also, according to the stars, she never once considered herself a bad mother. She has never been role-playing games, did not allow himself to send men intimate photos and never stole.

The actress did not hesitate to put the video version, which captures the answers to candid questions on his microblog.

“Yesterday it was fun Love Radio”, – the singer has signed a movie in which you notice how easily she answers intimate questions.

Fans admired the sincerity of the favorite and left comments to the publication: “Victoria, you are super!”, “How sweet!”, “Cool!”, “Fine!”

Also, the singer told in ether how to celebrate a birthday that will be next week. Victoria plans to spend the holiday in a karaoke club with friends. “I love karaoke! For four years there was not, and realized that terribly missed! I’m a normal visitor of such institutions can not get into the music when I sing!” the singer admitted.

The actress said that for several years, do not consume strong drinks because of allergies: “I don’t drink. I’m “lucky”, which allergic to alcohol.” Vick also admitted that he is lonely and new chosen one is not looking.

However, BC believes that will gain a person who will understand it all. She admitted she was not going to tolerate the constant conflicts and quarrels. According to the artist, it is not necessary to hold on to the relationship, but rather to give everyone a chance to be happy. Cheryl Cole wants love