Victoria Dayneko all the problems we have to solve itself

Викторие Дайнеко все проблемы приходится решать самой
Famous singer Cheryl Cole still can’t get over the fact that she broke up with her husband Dmitry Kleiman.

Викторие Дайнеко все проблемы приходится решать самой

Victoria is experiencing due to the fact that the solution to all problems fell on her fragile shoulders.

As a result the girl is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and reveals that the singer is not in very good shape.

“In short. There is no glamor in the photo. The Mama Panda and fasten not able to paint over the bruises. And no. They are not because I once again left without a nanny million on the eve of important events, and in shock. But because now it burns with a blue flame, and I’m in even more shock…

…No help, no problem, will come to the assistance. Will need the apartment is large, while it also is not. Birthday on Friday now hangs in the balance, and nothing that 65 people have confirmed their presence, and someone special on this day flying to the other end of the planet, and someone did, and left Moscow for me. Thanks to some people for such a beautiful anniversary gift, I think. There is an option, of course, that all will magically grow to this Friday, but I doubt it. Drink chamomile tea and wait for a miracle. Still celebrating, and no one wants to address my questions”, – said in a microblog Victoria.

Fans concerned about the health of the Wiki and wrote her comments with words of support.

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