Victoria Dayneko again lost beloved

Виктория Дайнеко вновь лишилась возлюбленного On TV channel “STS” has started shooting a new series of “Cool crew”. The main role in the movie will perform Alexei Chadov, Victoria Dayneko and Natalia Bardot, Julia Topol’nitskiy and Daria Sagalova. Ex-participant of “factory of stars” try on the role of the abandoned woman.
Виктория Дайнеко вновь лишилась возлюбленного

TV channel “STS” and production center “GOROD” began filming the new Comedy series “Cool crew”. The main role in his debut TV show directed by Marius Weisberg, will perform Alexei Chadov. His hero – pilot misogynist Alex Kulagin – have to share the cockpit with a blonde Polina, played by Natalia Bardo. Company will be named Yuliya Topol’nitskiy, Nikita Tarasov, Yana Kraynova, Daria Sagalova, but unenviable role of ex-wife’s pilot got the singer Victoria Dayneko.

“I have long wanted to try himself on TV, but was waiting for all the stars to align and the “Cool crew” just all came together. The channel “CTC” in this sense created just perfect conditions for my teledebate. Because the actors, producers and writers in our recent history – it is the people with whom I went, that is, not one fight,” – said the Director of the series Marius Weisberg.
Виктория Дайнеко вновь лишилась возлюбленного

We will remind, in March of this year Cheryl Cole and her ex-husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman, publicly announced the breakup. 30-year-old actress was named one of the reasons for the gap the frequent quarrels in the family. The couple chose to immediately disperse. “We can breed only Dima, I don’t want to!” – I said to Viktoria Daineko. In the end, and so it happened: on July 11, the man first filed for divorce in one of the judicial districts Kuntsevo district of Moscow, and on 27 July the Metropolitan court called spouses for conversation.

“He first asked to dissolve the marriage. It can be understood: they Wick not living together, have long ceased to be husband and wife… Guy needs to think about the future, it may well be that he will find new love and the old relationship will still be on the shoulders. Yes, and not everyone will want to meet with married,” said friend Dmitry.

Victoria painfully reacted to the divorce, a daughter Lydia was left to live with her mother. The singer shows photos and girls negatively react to the fact when the ex-husband posted the picture, which shows how he put the baby on the neck. Victoria Dayneko enraged by the daring act of the former spouse