Victoria Daineko took off his wedding ring

Виктория Дайнеко сняла обручальное кольцо Fans are still discussing the sudden her breakup with her husband. Many wonder what was the reason for the separation, since both spouses are reluctant to comment on the situation. According to eyewitnesses, Dayneko wore a decoration on his left hand, sometimes women do after a divorce.

      Виктория Дайнеко сняла обручальное кольцо

      Victoria Daineko and her husband Dmitry Kleiman are still in the fight. On the eve of March 8, the singer greatly puzzled fans, saying that she and her husband decided to leave for some time. No one could believe that after only two years of family life chosen could be such serious problems in the relationship. In a conversation with “StarHit” the drummer said that he and Victoria broke up. However, he noted that it is not going to fix anything and hopes on steps with her hand.

      Husband of Victoria Daineko about divorce: “Not going to fix anything”

      It is obvious that the artist is not yet ready to make any comments about a sensitive situation. Even in conversation with reporters, she looks happy, and as soon as it comes to Kleiman, Dayneko immediately tries to change the subject or asks not to bother her with such questions. In the program “You wouldn’t believe” one of the reporters noticed that Victoria was dressed the ring with the ring finger of the right hand on the left. Many believe that do divorced women. But the singer has found a release.

      “I moved on the left hand, I sometimes wear a ring when painted, for example, because on the right hand inconvenient,” he said.

      While Cheryl Cole is trying to make excuses for the ring, her husband Dmitry Kleiman doesn’t waste any time. Despite the fact that at the moment the musician lives with his parents, he is often found with bandmates Drum Mafia and even throwing parties. Just a few days ago, the young people had fun at one of the bars of Moscow. It seems that the chosen artist is trying to stay positive and not think about the consequences of the probable separation from the beloved.

      Fans bombarded the pair with questions, demanding to clarify the situation. They do not understand why Dmitry quietly meets with friends and, it seems, does not going to establish communication with Victoria. At the same time, the artist pretends that in her life nothing has changed. While the couple is in disagreement, their daughter lives with her mother. Fans Daineko concerned about the fate of the baby.

      “When you guys make up already? This is not the case all! Don’t be so proud”, “Vic, you are a miracle! Will be happy and so, it’s best to talk with her husband, true,” “You’re a wonderful couple, beautiful, bright, ambitious, cool! But why this masquerade?” – written by commentators on the Network.