Victoria Daineko looking for the perfect man

Виктория Дайнеко ищет идеального мужчину The singer told what are the qualities of her choice. Dayneko admitted that it is important to be with a strong man who will protect her and keep her safe. Fans wished the artist to quickly find your match.

Cheryl Cole divorced her husband Dmitry Kleiman in the summer of 2017. Now the artist is engaged in the development of music career and raising her daughter, so it seems that in personal life she has absolutely no time. However, recently on Instagram, the singer admitted that I wasn’t disappointed in men. Moreover, she described the perfect chosen one who can make her happy.

“The man for me must be a deity. The man I’ll always watch with admiration. The man in my understanding and vision is always stronger than women and much vlastne, always keeps everything under control. The man can not can not be a victim is to be weak. The man who intentionally or accidentally causes pity is absolutely not attractive in my eyes,” he told the actress.

Victoria often share with the fans details his personal life. So, the singer repeatedly told of the experiences associated with divorce. A young woman was touched that a former Deputy Dmitry Kleiman first discussed rasstojanie their marriage with journalists, and then of an impending lawsuit became known to the star.

However, the singer is in no hurry to talk about the new fans and romances. Fans believe that such a beautiful and successful woman probably bathes in male attention. However, according to followers, the star is not yet ready for a relationship. “Vic, I believe you will find happiness, so don’t give up,” “You are very sincere, and I agree with you completely. Beloved must be strong”, “Divorce is not a death sentence, and Vika will still be happy,” wrote Daineko subscribers in Instagram.

Victoria hastened to note that he does not consider himself a weak person who needs ongoing support or assistance. However, according to young women, hard times happen to everyone, and at such moment, and there must be a reliable man’s shoulder.

“Love, care and support needed for anyone in life. Without it, even the strongest personality can fade. The power of the spirit is not measured complex situations. The power of the spirit is measured by how one enters man,” said Daineko.

Victoria recently celebrated the second anniversary of his daughter. The singer gave the girls a great party, which invited his many friends. However, the children’s celebration did not appear the girl’s father Dmitry Kleiman. According to the man, Dayneko extremely reluctant to allow him to see the child. But the young woman denies such accusations. She emphasizes that trying to make the heiress happy, so are always ready to meet ex-husband.