Victoria Daineko decided on an intimate photo shoot after a divorce

Виктория Дайнеко решилась на интимную фотосессию после развода The famous singer posted on Instagram a candid shot. The young woman is not shy to show my body and believes it has every right to, because she was lonely. Fans said that the star looks great.

Cheryl Cole rarely puts in Instagram candid shots. The star prefers to share memorable moments from vacations or concerts. That is why the Topless photo has made the real furor among her fans. The picture shows a young woman posing only in jeans, a Flirty covering her breast with hand.

“Being a divorced girl, such to publish the photos without a twinge of conscience,” signed by the Daineko.

Fans praised Victoria for your courage, again noting that the young woman has a perfect figure. “You’re just awesome. Do not worry about divorce, happiness always find you”, “you look Great, and very stylish, without unnecessary vulgarity”, “Often raduyte us with these images. You definitely have something to show,” commented on a provocative scenes of her fans.

Earlier, the star posted another candid shot, which depicted in a dimensionless sweater, dressed on a naked body. Fans were quick to point out that Victoria has beautiful slender legs and told her often to emphasize them with the help of stage costumes.

After the divorce with Dmitry Kleiman star began to share with fans personal feelings. Recently, the actress revealed that she fainted at the airport during passport control.

“Lost consciousness during verification of documents. Nice that there is a men’s shoulder. The ambulance wanted to take me to the hospital, but I will not betray my friends waiting for me at the concert. The pressure lifted, and now I ate sweet and sleep,” shared the star.

Later, the young woman reassured fans and said that feels OK.

Now Victoria has a very busy touring schedule. The actress appears not only in Russia but also in CIS countries. Besides, she writes new songs and starred in music videos. His deteriorating health, the young woman explained with a tight work schedule.

However, fans are confident that on the health of the Wiki is adversely affected by a divorce with Dmitry Kleiman. The actress tries not to comment on the breakup with her lover. Now a young woman spends all her spare time with her daughter, surrounding the girl with care and attention.