Victoria Daineko decided on a big change in my life

Виктория Дайнеко решилась на грандиозные перемены в жизни
The singer began life with a clean slate.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Last weekend in Victoria, BC was marked by the move. The actress finally decided to change their place of residence. The singer admitted that the process of gathering, loading and transportation of all items were less difficult than she had imagined.

For help Dayneko contacted the company, providing assistance when moving, so this important episode in the fate of Victoria took only one day. “Yesterday, for 4 hours they took all my stuff! Beautiful. Neat! Carefully moved everything, took, and brought to a new place! One I would in a month this would not have coped. I’m excited and incredibly grateful for this, do not be afraid this word, a Titanic work! And most importantly! All the boxes are unpacked, laid out all the furniture and all the things in the new place, and the whole box had been taken!” — praised Victoria assistants.

Daughter Victoria took the change calmly. Even the process of collecting things and being in the house a large number of unfamiliar people are not really scared her. “My little baby hasn’t frightened of such action and strange men around her all day to assemble and disassemble things. And for me this is the main indicator!” — she added.

Last apartment Victoria had many memories — both pleasant and not. There Dayneko lived with her husband Dmitry Kleiman while between spouses does not run “black cat”. Six months ago betrothed the actress moved out of his apartment because of the constant fighting. Now went out, and Victoria herself, hoping, perhaps, to start a new Chapter in my life with a clean slate.