Victoria Cool surprised by the incredible thinness

Victoria Cool surprised by the incredible thinness A young mother has achieved excellent results in the struggle for slim figure. Vika Krutaya started to work on myself almost immediately after the birth of her daughter Demi rose. Less than a year, the daughter of the famous composer has made incredible strides in losing weight.

      Victoria Cool surprised by the incredible thinness

      The daughter of Igor Krutoy Victoria in late November of last year for the first time became a mother. She gave her husband David Berkowitz charming daughter of Demi rose. Despite the fact that concerns about the baby almost completely absorbed young mother, Vika Steep, never distinguished by subtilest forms, less than a year, has evolved from a women with nice curves in a slim diva with no hint of extra pounds. Victoria Cool undressed in front of the camera

      New photos of Vicki in “Instagram” delight of fans. Followers of the young mother even thought she has changed in the face – Victoria cheeks disappeared, and it became more defined and sharp, which makes the composer’s daughter even more beautiful.

      “You are such a beauty!”, “Thinner, very good!”, “More and more mom are similar. Beautiful!”, “Gorgeous”, “Awesome”, fans of Vick Cool compliments in Russian and English languages.

      As we know, Victoria is Cool by nature inclined to corpulence, but are ready to prove – if you constantly work on yourself, you can reach stunning results.

      Victoria Cool surprised by the incredible thinness

      To get in shape after the delivery Vika diligently took about two months after birth. Obviously, before this, the doctors advised the mother to refrain from physical exertion, and once gave a “good”, Belle began to jog, armed with a bottle of water and player.

      Note that the daughter of composer Igor Krutoy has not allowed themselves to gain extra weight during pregnancy. Expectant mother strictly watched what she ate and was very active lifestyle for over nine months. And just a few days after the birth of Victoria demonstrated followers the Network pumped the press.

      She boasted that with her well-sitting jeans that she wore before pregnancy. Four months after the birth of a Steep already posed in a bikini, don’t hesitant to demonstrate to the feminine forms, for which he received a large number of good reviews. In all likelihood, she is proud to be quickly able to get in shape and maybe want their example to inspire other young mothers to look after themselves.