Victoria Bonya spoke about Gohar Avetisyan Scandal provoked by singer Slava's statement about surgeon Timur Khaidarov.

Victoria Bonya spoke about Gohar Avetisyan Victoria Bonya, who was never his patient, does not miss the opportunity to voice his opinion. She considers Khaydarov to be incompetent specialists, and recalls the situation that happened with Gohar Avetisyan.

Victoria Bonya spoke about Gohar Avetisyan

“Gohar told how she healed for a very long time, because her body reacts like that. That is, how absolutely incompetent one must be … Imagine that a surgeon sewed a heart and says: “Your heart is rotting, because the peculiarity of the organism is such.” Here, in my opinion, even there is nothing to comment on. If a surgeon who performs operations has people rotting, this specialist should be bypassed, at least,” Bonya said.

Well, Gohar herself has no claims to Khaidarov, and in the scandal she took his side.

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