Victoria Bonya is thinking about retirement

Виктория Боня задумалась о старости
The fashionista and socialite Victoria Bonya was only 38 years old. Still far from retirement, but Victoria already knows how and with whom will meet old age.

Виктория Боня задумалась о старости

In his blog, Victoria published a photo of a cute elderly couple who walk down the street, cute holding hands.

Виктория Боня задумалась о старости

It is seen that the couple are well dressed, the ladies in the hands of bright, stylish bag.

“Now, that to me is priceless in this life! To carry their relationship through all the difficulties and joy, not the unscrambling of the hands even in old age! #Hakutaku!!!”

– signed photo of Victoria.

So, despite the lifestyle, the amount of money and country of home – everything, in fact, dream of a happy old age in good health, prosperity and a family man next. Right?