Victoria Bonya is thinking about adopting a child

Виктория Боня задумалась об усыновлении ребенка Celebrity dreams of a big family. Victoria Bonia not hide the fact that she loves kids, but because now we want to realize myself as a mother. The former participant of “House-2” admitted that he discussed with his ex-lover an opportunity to take the baby from the orphanage, but he did not support her initiative.

The former participant “Houses-2” and TV presenter Victoria Bonia daughter angelina Letizia, who was born five years ago from Monegasque businessman Alex Smerfit. After parting with the parents of the girl primarily lives with his mother. Victoria herself explained that the relationship raspalis due to the fact that the man in the first place was a career and not a family. He did not support the Boni desire to have many children. Bonia has shed light on the reasons for the separation with Servicom

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” admits that her love for children is infinite. She said that does not exclude the possibility to take care of a child from the orphanage.

“I even offered it to Alex, but he was categorically against,” said Victoria.

Despite the fact that Bonia has been involved in various creative projects, she understands the priority for her to realize yourself as a mother. The celebrity admits that now began to look differently at men. She notes that begin to assess how each candidate fits the role of the children’s father and head of the family.

After parting with Alex Victoria was much less focus public attention on his personal life. However, the reporters, she admitted now in love.

“Let’s just say I have a man who takes care of me and love me. Only time will tell. Today, I’m not looking for a relationship for a relationship, I look at man as a potential father of my future children. To be held like a mother to me now more important than anything else,” said Bonia.

Victoria is happy that after her breakup with Alex, she still had a good relationship. Male takes an active role in the education of girls. Bonya goes to meet a former suitor, when he wants to spend time with your child.

“She lives with me, but can spend time with daddy as much as he wants. Between us, Alex is no conflict and situations in which someone divides something or someone does not, – Victoria admitted to journalists of the edition of Hello! – We both focused on the fact that the child did not feel that anything at all happened. Angelina is a very active girl, a big bully. Reminds me in my childhood. While she is obedient, in spite of anything will not do. She’s a fidget – can’t just walk. Even in the apartment goes skipping”.