Victoria Bonya has recently introduced a new chest at the stadium

Виктория Боня похвасталась новой грудью на стадионе
TV presenter shocked fans provocative outfit.

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonya attended the game and faced a barrage of criticism from
the fans. The game the national teams of Belgium and Tunisia, the star of “House-2” decided
a little sun was left in a rather revealing top, more like
bra. This outfit stars has angered football fans, who began her
to criticize “it Was hot so had no choice but to remove
jacket and enjoy the sun,” wrote under the Victoria.

Many netizens agreed that such attire is not suitable
for football and looks very tacky.

“Beautiful and sexy, of course. But is it decent? Although it may
the norm”. “The horror, so ugly”. “I went to glue
foreigners”. No words of others.” “It is not aesthetically pleasing, alas.”
“I initially thought that you with bare chest”, “Siliconezone
some came out” — hit girl haters, but fans
hastened to defend the honor of the stars. – “Learn to envy the calm.”
“Have fun the chest. The clear”. “Vic, you will find yourself in
a list of the most beautiful cheerleaders”.

More than new Boobs Bonnie, fans are discussing is that possible
pregnancy. Not so long ago it became known that the model meets Pierre
Ancyranum. The couple plans to start a family soon. According to Victoria,
at Pierre’s excellent relationship with Angelina. Recently, fans began to notice,
the star of “House-2” has been rounded belly, from which many did
conclusion about the imminent addition to the family of Boni. However, she these rumors have not yet

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