Виктория Боня подарила Егору Криду живого тигренка
The singer celebrated her 23rd birthday.

Виктория Боня подарила Егору Криду живого тигренка

Egor Krid

Amazing surprise arranged Victoria Bonia to his friend Egor
The creed on the day of his birth. The presenter gave the musician of the cub and called him Boney,
honor yourself. Since then, the singer can’t part with the adorable pet and
takes it everywhere with him. At the celebration in honor of the birthday of little Bonya was with Egor. The celebration was held at the MODUS restaurant, where the creed was personally welcomed guests.
Interrupted for a single day tour, the birthday boy flew to Moscow, where he collected in
honor your loved ones holiday and many star friends.

To congratulate the artist came to his colleagues from the Black Star — Mike Marvin, Nathan,
ILO, Claudia Coca, and Natalia Ionova, dj Smash, Yana Rudkovskaya, Lena Perminova, Grigory Leps, Natalia Rudova and others. In honor of the chief
the character of the party before entering a gorgeous historic mansion restaurant MODUS was spread red
track. Accompanied by his new
pet tiger cub named Bonya (gift from Victoria Boni). To meet and seat the guests after the red
track artist helped the family — father Nikolay, mother Marina and sister Pauline. In
the midst of the party guests were entertained by friends and colleagues birthday — rappers Nathan and
ILO, Claudia Coca, and at the end of the evening their most popular hits were performed by myself
Egor Krid.

Egor Krid

We will remind, the day before my birthday at the concert Yegor creed happened
the unpleasant incident. In the auditorium at the end of his performances was
beaten by a girl. Initially, social networking was a rumor that she raised
hand one of the many guards Egor Krid but later denied this
information. However, still offered the victim an apology.

“At first I didn’t believe it when I read comments about the fight
after a concert in Tashkent. After the concert and the audience was amazing! And seeing
this video, I’m sorry, uh … was eating… not that I’m aware of the situation and, to a large
unfortunately not seen her while on stage. By and large, I don’t care
what did this girl. Man in any case should not dismiss his hands! —
commented on the fight creed. — A shameful trick. Hit a girl in the face… It
not, my Security, my team and there can not be! All security provides
organizational side. If you read, I personally apologize to you for it
I hate that this happened at my concert, and in this
friendly city! For our part, we will try to find this person, because
he needs to apologize!”