Victoria Bonya commented on sensational scandal with a beach photo

Виктория Боня прокомментировала нашумевший скандал с пляжными фото
The presenter explained how he was depicted completely naked.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

The last couple of days, fans of Victoria Boni discussing the scandal that unfolded around the beach photo of their idol. Paparazzi captured Russian TV star completely naked on the beach in Miami. The published images instantly went viral today. After the photos were leaked to the world wide web, fans have been waiting for reviews from Victoria, however Bonia tried to ignore questions about the controversial shooting. And only today she gave an explanation of what happened.

As it turned out, the idea is to swim absolutely naked Victoria came to mind spontaneously. She told me that she sailed with a friend on a virtually deserted beach and did not expect that it can shoot like this. Having departed on decent distance from the shore, Bonya naked. According to her, she wasn’t prepared for the fact that from the shore she was being followed by the paparazzi.

Victoria has assured that despite speculation of enemies, shooting was not staged. The Russian model was upset.

“In fact, I even thought it could not come in Miami, where nobody knows me, someone will take picture of me. But it was not. We still have another day shot. We did not swim, and was just sitting on the couch. I have the video posted on Youtube. So don’t bathe naked on the beaches. Work there and the paparazzi can take pictures of you…” — quoted by Boni