Victoria Bonya chose a name for a future child

Виктория Боня выбрала имя для будущего ребенка
The model has signaled that it is preparing once again to become a mother.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia recently delighted her fans: she is happy again in his personal life. At first, she admitted that she already has a husband. But later it turned out that the new boyfriend has not taken the Russian star to the altar, but Bonia has no doubt that it will happen soon. The first time, she kept secret the identity of his beloved, but before she had set off in revelation.

A young foreigner, who conquered the heart of Victoria, was an Italian by the name of Frederick. In a relationship with him is Bonnie there is complete harmony: future husband of Kim willingly engaged with her five year old daughter Angelina gives her gifts and finds time to play.

Bonia sees Frederick the father of my future children. It turned out that the lovers are already planning children. Moreover, Victoria confessed that even already chosen a name for her son (she dreams about the birth of a boy). So if she still fulfilled a wish, that the heir she will give the name of ever, and in case if it’s another girl, her name will be Victoria.