Victoria Bonya and Maxim Galkin find out the relationship in the Network

Виктория Боня и Максим Галкин выясняют отношения в Сети The presenter responded to an “attack” comedian. A few days ago Maxim Galkin laughed at is Victoria Boni in Instagram. Later, the young woman reacted strongly to the video of comedian.
Виктория Боня и Максим Галкин выясняют отношения в Сети
Виктория Боня и Максим Галкин выясняют отношения в Сети

TV presenter Victoria Bonia is an active user of “Instagram”. The social network shares the woman impressions from trips, and often advertise those or other goods. As a rule, such announcements are well paid by companies that need to promote their product. Maxim Galkin was a joke in one clip over those who earns on advertising. He noted that Bonia presents audience the tools that will help to cope with the first signs of aging.

“Victoria, that you yourself believe that a cream can replace Botox?” – wrote Maxim Beaune, alluding to the numerous injections used by the beauty.

Ex-fiancee of a businessman from Monaco could not miss this attack a showman. She remembered the joke Galkina and decided to answer it in a new post. The other day Maxim admitted in the video that gained the three pounds, but led an active lifestyle. Bonia revealed the details of sea travel humorist.

“I’m a big boy, ran from the morning to the store and bought as many vegetables and fruits that barely got away. My mother made raw okroshka. Recipe okroshka will be in a few minutes on my page. Ran videos, as I do, I eat right and not eat as Maxim Galkin, away on that boat on the right from me”, – has signed a snapshot of Victoria.

Humorist left behind. He said the former participant “Houses-2” in the comments to the post. “Huh?! Neighbor? I already drove off!” – wrote Galkin. Fans of Victoria supported the favorite. “You have Galkin special feelings to each other”, “Decent answer”, “Caught her”, “I Think Maxim Galkin has its own nutritionist,” discussing the Internet-the fray celebrity followers.

Last months Maxim is actively using social network to please fans of hilarious sketches, as well as show footage and clips of family life.

“This is the shortest path, if necessary, to bring the truth to people who are interested in what I do. Most importantly – I love it, and since, judging by the responses, like many of you, it is necessary to continue!” – explained Maxim their willingness to microblogging.