Виктория Боня «отвоевала» дочку у мужа
TV star determined the fate of Angelina.

Victoria Bonya with her daughter Angelina

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

The first time after the break up of Victoria Boni and Alex Smerfit were rumors that the Russian star will cease to participate in the upbringing of their total daughter — Angelina. The girl was left to live with my dad in his home in Monaco at the time, as Bonia first moved out to a rented apartment and then moved to Los Angeles. Of microblog models lost a joint photo with her daughter and she shared with subscribers, that really misses her home. Parting with it wasn’t easy for her.

However, about a week ago, the situation has changed radically. Angelina flew to Los Angeles to celebrate with my mom on my fifth birthday… and stayed to live there. That the arrival of Angelina no longer has a temporary character wrote herself Victoria. On social networks she told me that she picked up in Los Angeles for my daughter to French school and has already recorded her there and took her to the sports section.

“In Los Angeles a pleasure to get up early. Morning enough energy for the whole day and still have time to do very much. Today identified angelina in the French school, went to gymnastics and now I want dinner!” — said Victoria.

By the way, not so long ago, Bonia said that already “five minutes to married.” She had a powerful boyfriend, who pays for her luxurious country house.