Виктория Боня выбирает с женихом имена для детей Celebrity decided how to call future son and daughter. Victoria Bonia not hide that are happy with the choice – Italian Frederick. She calls him her husband, while not thinking about the wedding.

Earlier this year the former participant reality show “House-2” Victoria Bonia said that he had parted with the civil husband Alex Servicom – six months she concealed this fact from the General public and not talked about the changes in his personal life. Now, however, a celebrity once again fell in love. Live’s Instagram she disclosed the name chosen – as it turned out, the heart of the beautiful able to conquer the Italian named Frederick. Victoria is in seventh heaven and even selects her lover, the baby names. Victoria Bonia suspected pregnancy

“I told him that if we have son, we’ll call him ever. He, however, was very surprised, and I like that name”, – admitted Bonya.

Fans were intrigued by this statement of a celebrity. According to them, the relationship of the reality star and the chosen one is really serious, they discuss such serious topics. However, on the wedding of Victoria does not think, and, at least in the next couple of years no plans to go to the registry office. Bonia now enjoying relationships with men, which is slightly younger than her. The reality star admits that the chosen one does not like public attention, but because she is not going to put photos of them together in a microblog.

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Despite the fact that connects lovers on a formal marriage, Victoria calls her husband Frederick. Attentive fans have considered on her ring finger luxurious ring with a precious stone. Despite the fact that fans are dying to see, Bonya tries to keep personal relationships away from public discussion.

“Yes, I have a husband. But I won’t show you. And don’t tell anything about him,” said Victoria.

The celebrity confessed that the man communicates with her daughter Angelina. He spoils adorable baby gifts. Apparently, Victoria is very happy that the chosen one is trying to make the baby a nice. In one broadcast she was shown a stuffed toy of impressive size, which was for girls one of the most beloved.

“We have Angelina loves leopards. Here my husband sent her a leopard. Found, bought and sent her a large leopard,” said Victoria.