Виктория Боня утёрла нос Алёне Водонаевой
Several days ago Alena Vodonaeva gave a scathing interview about the dirty tricks that were done to spite Victoria Bonn.

Виктория Боня утёрла нос Алёне Водонаевой

Girls not found a common language in the days spent on the project “Dom-2”, but continued to exude hatred towards each other and outside the perimeter.

And if Vick is in his interviews tries to avoid and not to comment on the machinations of Sobchak or Vodonaevoy, the last “watering” Boni as possible.

Victoria did not comment on interview with Alena, only wrote on Instagram:

Виктория Боня утёрла нос Алёне Водонаевой

“I think it is very important to filter what he watches, reads, what he pays attention. It so much affects your conscious and subconscious, you can’t even imagine!

For example, I never listen to the car radio or some background music only if it’s not my music that I include, and it happens very rarely. Because on the radio there is no need of information collection.

Виктория Боня утёрла нос Алёне Водонаевой

And when I hear it, I have a feeling that my brain is raped and clog up any information that I don’t need, I impose it. Many include a TV background, who is familiar with? But, in any case, this information gets into your brain and settles there. All this negativity, propaganda, and then you can’t understand why have become more nervous, anxious, where does the panic.

I do not include the house over the years – in London, in Monaco, in Russia, it is always off. And I advise you also very selective in what you listen to, watch and read”.

In the text there was no word about Vodonaevu, but all understood to whom Vick suggests, talking about “verbal garbage”.

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