Victoria Bonia will allow her daughter to participate in the reality show

Виктория Боня позволит дочери принять участие в реалити-шоу The presenter answered questions from subscribers. According to her, the heiress will choose what to do in the future. Bonya tries to instill in the girl the best qualities from an early age, with the understanding that it is not necessary to strictly prohibit some things.

Victoria Bonya tries to communicate with fans and give them advice on social networks. At the YouTube channel of a young woman leads a vlog where he talked about the education of her daughter Angelina Leticia, gives tips on grooming and shows outfits from social events. In addition, the celebrity reacts to comments from followers on social networks and tries to deprive no one.

The woman posted a picture with her daughter, the signatures to which have confessed their feelings to the child.

“My soul, my endless love. Every day I thank the Lord for you, my angel!” – said Bonia.

Fans admire the little Angelina and note that the girl is very similar to the former civil wife Bonnie. In their opinion, the child has the same eyes as Monegasque businessman. Followers praise the baby. “Children are our most precious diamonds!”, “Lovely angels”, “Very pretty and cute girl”, “Amazing girl, just like her mother”, “What it already is large, some hair, just the beauty of it,” wrote the user “Instagram”.

However, among commentators there were also those concerned for the future of Angelina Letizia. One woman suggested that the child could repeat the experience of mother and to go on a reality show like “House-2”. Bonia claims that will not interfere with the choice of his daughter.

“If she wants to go to a show, I’m not going to worry. It’s her personal life and her experience. Rather, I was worried if she began to cause damage to persons, the elderly, or animals. And the rest I will lay in her upbringing,” said Bonia.

According to Victoria, she tries to explain to angelina what to do in a given situation. Bonia was very worried, as her daughter takes a break parents. The presenter tried to make sure that the child was not deprived of his father’s attention. Despite the fact that she has a hard work during the separation with a girl, she often lets go of the baby on vacation with his father. “It is always very difficult to leave her, even for a few days,” – said Victoria.

Recall that Angelina Leticia was born in 2012. At this time, Victoria was living with the son of a major businessman Alex Smerfit. However, about six months ago, the couple broke up. The woman explained that they were able to leave without scandals and conflicts. Husband of Victoria Boni after a breakup left her with nothing