Victoria Bonia was reunited with Alex Servicom!

Виктория Боня воссоединилась с Алексом Смерфитом!
The son of a millionaire spends the weekend in the company of Russian models.

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Victoria Bonya and Alex smerfit and their daughter Angelina spend a family weekend in the home for the son of a millionaire country — Ireland. The Russian star does not advertise that resting together with the ex-spouse, but fans already have figured this out. Helped them in Instagram: Bonya and Smurfit “made a mistake” by posting almost identical photos of the trip. Later in the microblog the former star of “House-2” has a video in which Smurfit comes to her and Angelina in one room of the hotel.

Fans showered the home model questions about his personal life, but she remains silent “as the guerrilla”. And while Bonya keeps a vow of silence, fans congratulate her on the fact that she was able to get Alex back into the family. “Together again! How wonderful”, “Daughter must be very happy” “And more swear, you are such a beautiful couple,” write Victoria fans.

Alex smerfit with daughter Angelina

Photo: @Instagram alexandersmurfit Alex Smerfit

At the same time, the question remains about the current boyfriend Boni — Italian Frederick, who was going to marry her. He and Victoria have already discussed and number of future children together and named them. Really now, the model will abandon the beloved for the father of Angelina?

We will remind that Victoria announced the break with the civil husband (so she called Alex) in February of this year. The reason, as I suspect, the fans have become the betrayal of Smurfit. Soon after parting with Bony son of a millionaire started out with a new lady, by the way, also of Russian origin.