Victoria Bonia told about their fears

Виктория Боня рассказала о своих страхах
The TV presenter made a surprise confession.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: from personal archive-Factorii Boni

Discovering the raw food diet, TV presenter,
actress and model Victoria Bonya was surprised how easily she was able to part with excess weight.
Before, when it was not satisfied with own weight, Victoria what are the only ways wasn’t trying to lose weight. It became
a vegetarian, then replaced the food with water and tea with milk, you worked hard
sports — but did not lose any weight…

And only when the presenter suddenly became interested in a raw food diet, you have achieved the desired result. “Happened to me amazing things. Four months raw food diet
I lost weight to 48
pounds — as in my youth! and learned a lot about
yourself, about your body. The feeling I have in 35 years was, as at 18: appeared
lightness, energy. Even under loaded working day, I am absolutely not tired.
Missing 4-5 hours of sleep,” says Victoria Bonia.

She made such a conclusion: the diet to maintain the figure —
generally not an option. “Our brain with the word “diet” panic: frustrated and
starts to lay weight,” laughs Victoria.

Today, however, the presenter is going through a completely different reason. “I’m afraid
to lose weight! Because starting to look bad,” made an unexpected confession TV presenter. She is now very
works a lot, travels frequently, and immersed in the case, only night remembers
that morning didn’t have Breakfast. Because of his hyperactive lifestyle she feels
to lose weight — in the literal sense, and without the raw food diet.

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