Victoria Bonia told about the plastic face

Виктория Боня рассказала о пластике лица
The TV host opened the truth on their lips, nose and cheeks.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya/Instagram

Victoria Bonia admitted that she got tired of talking on
about their appearance. In his Instagram she decided to publish a picture of her
mother, then the question of its teeth, the lips and the cheeks fell away by itself.

Bonia says it will not
did plastic surgery, her appearance was inherited from her mother, who was always
and remains a real beauty. “Girls, I
tired to answer questions… It’s my mom. I hope that many will disappear by these
questions about the lips, teeth, cheekbones, veneers and so forth, — says Victoria. — In our family all the women had bright
appearance. In addition to Russian,
Ukrainian blood in our veins and even a little Chinese. Mama
line our grandfather was Chinese (5 knees). Thank you mom for the natural beauty,
thank you grandma for your beautiful, loving heart! It was my grandmother instilled in us
absolute love for this world, every bug and the bug#. Remember, little
to have a beautiful appearance, it is also important to have a beautiful heart. External beauty fades,
and the internal never.”

We will remind, quite
Victoria Bonia recently surprised fans by telling that in the last
time she carefully gaining weight. TV star explained losing weight the podeschi
his microblog that pounds, which she had before the summer
season, not superfluous. “So nice to see how it changes my body! —
frankly said Victoria. — All of you already know that I am on
“poprawienia diet”. Now my weight is 55 kilograms during the growth of 170
inches. Since the beginning of November, I regularly do sports regularly — and here,
the result is obvious. By the way, you prefer me like this or slender, as

That her figure was perfect not always, Bonia
said in an interview “For example, at age 18, I weighed 48 kilograms, and
when exceeded 20, and began to recover. I remember I once weighed myself and came
terrified: 55 pounds! recalls
Victoria. — I decided that I was terribly fat. By the way, today I weigh exactly
so much and are very happy. And when I was early 20’s, your 55 pounds
I was seen as 65. Suffered very much. And started trying to lose weight. But a few
years 21 years to 23 years — nothing worked. Not only that I tried!
Became a vegetarian two months, eat only vegetable salads but never lost
kg. One morning I woke up, weighed myself, realized that the weight
worth, I decided to opt out of the meal. Five days of drinking only water and tea
milk and also without result. And while I played sports! I think these
measures still helped to bring yourself back to normal. Because, in desperation, I
he gave up his attempts to change and in a few months quietly “blown away”.
Now I have a period what weight I need. I work a lot, I fly a lot. And
I’m just afraid to lose weight! Because you start to look bad. But be
the need, I lost if for three days. A week would be thrown off to five