Victoria Bonia thanked for support after a breakup with her husband

Виктория Боня поблагодарила за поддержку после разрыва с супругом Star touched by the reaction of fans. Victoria Bonia admitted that did not expect that she is very sympathetic to such a huge number of people. Model and TV presenter claims that he is not afraid of breakups, calling them the door to a new life.

      For the second day in a row, fans of the model and TV presenter Victoria Boni hotly debated the news of her breakup with her boyfriend, which sounded to them like thunder from a clear sky. Victoria herself was frankly told that she and the father of her daughter Alex smerfit not together anymore. Victoria Bonia parted with the civil husband

      Read the recognition of Bonnie in her microblog, fans of the star were quick to support her in this difficult period of life. Several thousand people left under the post Victoria your comments with them. Most of them with words of support and wishes of happiness to the young woman.

      “It’s a shame, of course, that spent the best years! But one door closes – a”, “Everything will be fine! Out of our lives leave those who we are not worthy,” “Very sorry! Incredibly beautiful couple was! But everything is always for the best! Good luck, Vicky, go on to conquer the world!”, “Well done, broke up with dignity. Victoria will be well with you”, “This is news to me as a bolt from the blue. Vika, you’re a strong, self-sufficient woman, you have your whole life ahead of you!” – encourage your favorite loyal fans of Victoria Boni.

      After reading these sincere confessions, Victoria Bonya was touched by the way her people are going through, and hastened to thank them for their support. “Thank you all for the words of support! – wrote star in the microblog. – Didn’t expect that many people will experience as for their own relationship… have a Nice Sunday! And don’t be afraid to open new doors in your life for them is always worth the knowledge!”

      It is worth noting that Victoria Bonia for a long time silent about the fact that their relationship with Alex Servicom has outlived its usefulness. The pair have been together for six months, but the gap has announced only the day before. First told everything to Victoria, who actually was forced to break the silence fans, indignant behavior of her civil husband. The fact that the network got the photos that Alex smerfit passionately kisses a certain Catherine Aleshkino, model, and participant of beauty contests.

      However, evidence of cheating Alex Smerfit fans of Victoria Boni and informed. In late January, they found out that the billionaire was resting on one of the exotic Islands with the model Taylor Howard. But as it became clear only now, by the time Smurfit and Bonia were not together.