Victoria Bonia started Dating “posh”

Виктория Боня начала встречаться с "мажором"
TV presenter Victoria Bonia has long intrigued all the statement that she had “five married”.

Виктория Боня начала встречаться с "мажором"

Just recently Victoria decided to show her new lover.

She posted on the social network photo with the chosen one, who is with her now in the United States.

Виктория Боня начала встречаться с "мажором"

According to information, the young man’s name is Allen Jeffrey Beyer, he is about 20 years.

Members immediately reacted to the and began to leave comments.

“It is unbelievable”, “Cool guy, attractive”, “Vic, he’s gorgeous, even better than your ex”, “compared with dad daughter, this, however, unpedigreed”, “Vic, adequate people are happy your happiness make a beautiful couple”, “God Forbid, Vick happiness and her daughter, through the thorns to the stars is hard work”, “You are a very beautiful couple”.

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