Виктория Боня показала морщины на фото без обработки Victoria spoke about the age of the microblog. Bonia admitted to fans that he is not afraid to grow old and are ready to share tips to care for themselves. The presenter even posted the picture, which appeared in its natural form.
Виктория Боня показала морщины на фото без обработки

For the external transformations of celebrities closely loyal fans. Some stars surprised how they manage to only prettier over time. 37-year-old Victoria Bonya has published the raw frame, allowing to assess the condition of her skin. She admitted that spectacular appearance must not only nature but also the special beauty secrets.

“Here you can look at every wrinkle, if you will. “Bonia was old” more often you write. Only moloduhi, who write that I’m old, for some reason, been sitting on my pages, counting every wrinkle. And then ask advice on what creams to use and what makeup, apparently, to his twenty look as “old”. I’m old, so interesting, cute moloduhi you today not to look, keep in mind. And the advice to come – I’m not greedy, I will tell all the secrets of beauty!” promised Victoria.

It is worth noting that a celebrity was intrigued by not only fans, but also his colleague – Olga Buzova. Leading TV project “Dom-2” left under the post of a friend a message to get the secret recipes of his youth: “I get advice?” The theme was so popular that the publication of thousands of comments. Users of the social network actively debated: some argue that Victoria exaggerates its beauty, others on the contrary, admire the wisdom of our favorite.

“I do not see any wrinkles”, “Umnichka! You share their energy, not just give advice. Even 60 will remain a beauty!”, “Bonia is not old, and over the years only became better like a good wine, Well, nothing you think that you need to be proud of it. You look in accordance with their age, and Beautiful, of course, but it is clear that already under 40 – though photoshop, though none, I’m much younger but the dream looks to be like you. Probably, it is necessary to have a lot of money or often entertain. Although you and a lot of effort spend on it, well done,” he wrote to fans.

However, this is not the first picture that is causing heated discussion in the microblog Victoria. Recently, the Network got the picture, which depicted the star in an unusual followers – sweat pants with an elastic band, t-shirt and a bundle on his head. Detractors immediately called her “plump” and “well-groomed”. While others defended their idol, while acknowledging that it is not obliged constantly to walk in heels and mini.

Shortly before that, the model told followers that decided to switch to a raw food diet. The media personality believes that this will help her to become more energetic and start to sleep. However, she understands that abandoning a number of products that will be even more lean. Caring scared for the health Boni and even suspected her of anorexia.