Victoria Bonia showed luxury living in Hollywood

Виктория Боня показала роскошное жилье в Голливуде For more than a Crescent, the presenter is in the USA. Many fans of the star repeatedly asking what was the reason for such a long stay in America. In the comments under one of the last pictures Bonya gave to understand that she was able to settle in a spacious house in one of the elite areas of Los Angeles.

      Victoria Bonia hinted at the move to America. This is evidenced by the frame made in house teledive. The woman was photographed at the luxurious Grand piano standing in the center of the room, from the panoramic Windows which offers views of Los Angeles. The celebrity said that she really likes the new apartment. However, Victoria has unveiled the true reason of being in California. Subscribers are wondering whether to congratulate the star with the purchase of the property or just rented housing for a time until will be located in Hollywood.

      Victoria Bonia was detained at the airport of Los Angeles

      Note that the media personality arrived in Los Angeles more than two weeks ago. During this time she managed to take part in the advertising campaign of the fashion brand. Members decided that after filming she will go back to Russia, but Bonia is in no hurry to return. Whether a woman decided to move overseas or are just temporary plans, the followers can only guess. Meanwhile, Victoria is enjoying walks in Beverly hills and feels completely happy after a loud statement about the break with the civil husband Alex Servicom.

      “I love this view from my new home,” – wrote in microblogging celebrity.

      On top of that Vic mentioned in his post in Instagram a realtor Olga Lazydba, which, apparently, was engaged in selection of real estate for Boni. In the profile of the specialist pointed out that it only works with houses of a class “Lux”. This means that the presenter is strongly forked at these apartments. Note that the market value of a small house in Los Angeles is about 500-700 thousand euros. Subscribers interested in where your pet found the money on such a serious purchase. Commentators believe that here has not done without the help of Alex Smerfit, which, after parting with Victoria can still help her financially.

      “Navaratna beauty, this house is a dream! Did you bought it? Tale”, “Umopomracheniya views! Something with something. Just do not understand how going to live there alone. Urgently need a man”, “maybe it’s Smurfit realized that made a mistake and decided to pay? Once the house gave!”, “I think Vic was better to live after a breakup with her husband?” – written by commentators on the social network.

      Rumors that a celebrity decided to move to Los Angeles, appeared when Victoria said that she was detained at the California airport. The representatives of the customs service decided that Bonya is a secret agent from Russia. In order to justify the star had to show your page in Instagram as well as video and photos, confirming that nothing to do with espionage the woman has not.

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      Interestingly, in America thorough searches are often exposed to precisely those citizens who arrived in the country with a large sum of money or non-tourist visa. At such times it often happens that the customs may raise questions about the true reasons for the finding in the United States. Victoria Bonia is not explained, as it is still motivated to fly across the ocean. However, they are happy that the woman was not discouraged, and continues to lead an active life.

      Recall that in early February, Victoria Bonya herself announced to subscribers that they are with Alex Servicom decided to leave. It turned out that the couple lived apart for more than six months, and only a month ago, the celebrity decided to confess everything to the fans. In 2012, the former spouses had a daughter, Angelina Leticia. Bonia and Smurfit able to agree, and now each of them is regularly seen with a girl and spends her free time.