Victoria Bonia showed Gangnam chest

Виктория Боня показала Каннам грудь

The Russian star has reappeared on the red carpet in Cannes in a very candid toilet.

This time Victoria Bonya became a guest of the party thrown by jewellery brand Chopard. The triumph of the Russian star came with a friend of Hofit Golan.

Bonya said in his Instagram that chosen outfit was created by the fashion house Vicedomini. On the red carpet of the event Victoria appeared in a bright blue bodycon dress with sheer inserts on the chest. The outfit looked very frankly, as the star traditionally has decided to forego underwear and once again demonstrated Gangnam your bust.

Girlfriend Victoria Boni, Hofit Golan also gave preference to the sexy toilet with an impressive neckline. The choice of the Israeli TV presenter fell on the red dress with leopard pattern and lace inserts.

Meanwhile, Victoria Bonya and Hofit the Golan is not the only celebrity, exposed at the 69th Cannes film festival. Younger sister Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, shocked the audience naked buttocks and a completely transparent dress.

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