Victoria Bonia revealed the secret of their long lashes

Виктория Боня раскрыла тайну своих длинных ресниц
The presenter taught the lesson of beauty to your podeschi.

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia is one of the most beautiful women in
our show-business. On his page in a social network presenter regularly
shares his secrets of youth and beauty. This time Bonya revealed the secret of their
long and attractive eyelashes. It turned out that all the matter in the new safe technology of increase of the cilia, which
Victoria resort for the fifth consecutive year.

“What affects the health of their own.
after building? (this knowledge helped me keep my eyelashes in the same
condition as before the increase — 5 years ago) If a master’s hands grow from
it is necessary, he: 1) leaves No glue (when your two lashes glued together
an extended one, and not give each other to fall out) 2) When master picks
the cilia in your capabilities and is not intended for their four mm long or
thick. 3) use expensive high-quality materials. 4) it is Important that You
did the breaks, at least once in 5-6 months weeks 2-3 weeks”.

Victoria admitted that all tips are based on her personal experience, and they will help
girls not to make mistakes, to act strictly according to the rules, to not
to harm your eyelashes.

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