Victoria Bonia revealed the secret, as in 36 years old look like 18

Виктория Боня раскрыла секрет, как в 36 лет выглядеть на 18
The presenter told us how caring for themselves.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia admitted that now, at 36 years old, looks exactly
so, as always dreamed. Earlier, in her youth, she had round cheeks —
noble cheekbones showed up only in 18, little turned-up nose
ennobled by the age of 25. “Many people think that they are porcelain teeth, but they are
my own, ” says Victoria. — However, to straighten, a year and a half I had to walk with braces”.

A lot she had to work hard and over
skin. “There was a period
when I had lots of little pimples, recalls Bonya. — No
inflammation, no pus — just subcutaneous bumps, almost invisible. But the face from
they became uneven. I went to the dermatologist, she picked me medication and advised
the cream, which has developed itself. Thanks to her help, managed to fix”.

Mesotherapy TV presenter tried to do in 23 years, but over time, she said, she
needed something more effective. “I wasn’t happy with,
looks like the skin under the eyes and on the neck — and I decided to biorevitalization.
Of course, I had a couple of days to walk around like a toad… But in the end result
liked”. But the effect of Botox Victoria confused: Yes, wrinkles are smoothed and
but disappears normal human facial expressions! So, unlike
fans of Botox injections Bonia makes only once a year — before the summer. And only
because in the sun you have to squint, wrinkle your forehead.

TV presenter supports proper nutrition. One of her latest discoveries —
a raw food diet: “In four months I lost weight from 55 to 48 pounds! There was a lot of energy. And I am feeling like in 18 years: there was a lightness, energy.” Bonia and looks great. Of course, their menu it supports sports. Likes
and Cycling, running, and gymnastics. Recently, participating in the show “Without insurance”, Bonia
practiced for 10 hours a day. In the second week of the project I looked at
myself in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see a press designed and
pumped back…”

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