Victoria Bonia reunited with the civil husband Alex Servicom

Виктория Боня воссоединилась с гражданским мужем Алексом Смерфитом The TV presenter spends a vacation together with former lover and daughter. Victoria Bonia actively shares photos from Ireland. Fans are happy that the star has managed to maintain a good relationship with the father of her child.

Victoria Bonya and Alex smerfit broke up in early February, 2017. Then the presenter noted that the civil husband will be for her loved one, and they maintain a good relationship for the sake of his beloved daughter. Then the young woman moved to live in USA, but this did not prevent her ex-husband to see five-year-old Angelina.

Now Victoria, Alex and their daughter relaxing together in Ireland. The former lovers actively sharing combines pictures and talk about what they saw the sights.

“In Ireland the weather is cold and rainy, but so beautiful, everything is green,” shared Bonia impressions of the vacation.

Later she posted in Instagram video, which depicted together with Alex and daughter. The family stayed in a luxury five-star hotel in Dublin, which is more than 150 years. Place for a holiday was chosen not accidentally, because the family of Smurfit originally from Ireland. Now, however, young people live mainly in Monaco and France.

Apparently, the old lovers spend all their free time together. Alex gladly deal with the heir, and the other day he went with a girl fishing.

“The first catch. Looking forward to when they see this fish in our plates” – boasted Smurfit success.

Fans were delighted with the touching images. They hope that Victoria and Alex are imbued with romantic atmosphere and back together. “You are such an amazing couple. How I wish that you were back together”, “Bonia incredibly beautiful. Smurfit missed his happiness”, “it is clear that they still love each other, and then you need to forget about old grievances,” – shared his opinion of the fans of the presenter.

However, Victoria refuses to comment on relationship status with Alex. Recently she even admitted that her heart is not free.

“Her husband was at work… Yes, I have a husband. But I won’t show you. And don’t tell anything about him,” said Victoria.

However, fans of the Bonnie certain that she has not yet entered into a formal marriage, because the young woman is incredibly popular, and she would hardly be able to hide such an important event. While Victoria often shares photos with elegant bouquets, refusing to tell who gave them. According to fans, the TV presenter has a lot of fans.