Victoria Bonia rapidly gaining weight

Виктория Боня стремительно набирает вес The former participant “Houses-2” trying to get better. Victoria Bonia decided to introduce a new trend. Now she is not willing to part with the pounds, and on the contrary, tend to rounded forms. Celebrity monitors the food and exercise regularly.

      Виктория Боня стремительно набирает вес

      After parting with the civil husband Alex Servicom Victoria Bonia decided to start a whole new life and even changed his place of residence. Together with his daughter Angelina-Leticia she went to the United States. Now Victoria intends to have a makeover – the former participant of “House-2” broke up with the desire to be very thin and now is gaining weight. Bonia pleased that will find appetizing forms, but supports the body in shape through regular exercise. Your results she shared with fans on the social network.

      “So nice to see how it changes my body. You all know that I am on “poprawienia diet”. Now my weight is 55 kilograms during the growth of 170 centimeters. Since the beginning of November I do sports regularly. And so, the result is obvious. And you prefer me like this or slender as before?” – posted by Victoria.

      Fans began to discuss the changed form of his idol. Among the subscribers even have a fight. As it turned out, many are also trying to gain weight, and therefore asked Victoria more details to tell what she was doing in order to gain a rounded shape. “Always beautiful! It seems to me that slender was somehow more delicate and fragile. I liked more. But we must do what’s best for you, and not look at someone’s opinion. Good Luck, Victoria!”, “Well done, Vic, to change the standards, you look at young girls who want to be skinny, but you’re not advocating anorexic thinness, and athletic body, keep it up!”, “Yes, you are pleasantly rounded, but nevertheless I liked you very thin and delicate”, – expressed his opinion of the fans.

      Now Victoria Bonya settling in Los Angeles. She recorded her daughter to gymnastics, and she establishes the way of life. The celebrity spends time with friends and make new acquaintances. Not so long ago in her microblog appeared a picture with an attractive young man. Some felt that Bonia’s just messing with the Internet audience. However, Victoria herself once said that she is in love and he is going to soon go away. Victoria Bonia had an affair with a young “major”