Виктория Боня поставила брекеты The former participant “Houses-2” corrects the appearance. Victoria Bonia decided to correct the bite and turned to the experts. After some time, she will be able to show others a perfect smile.

      The appearance of the former contestants of the reality show “Dom-2” Victoria Boni admired by many fans. The most devoted fans even try to copy her style. Doing so is easy, as Victoria produces clothing under his name. But as it turned out, Bonia, which to many seems perfect, not quite satisfied with his appearance. In order to correct the shortcomings of Victoria appealed for help to the experts.

      “I again decided on the braces, however, this time lingual. Now I Lisp. But to correct the bite,” – wrote in the microblog Bonya.

      However, braces don’t spoil the perfect smile Boney. They are installed on the inner side of the teeth, so nobody will be seen that the former participant of the reality show corrects the appearance. Many fans were inspired by the fact that a celebrity has decided to correct the bite and also thought about fixing some of the shortcomings. And some followers felt that Victoria, and so is everything okay with the appearance, so going to the dentist it to anything.

      “I really want to put the braces on the bottom, I hope someday the dream will come true!” “What she has malocclusion? Somehow I never would have said, maybe not as pronounced. Why braces?”, “Well, Vika, and so very beautiful. And the bite looks good. I wonder how appropriate it intervention,” commented fans.

      Victoria is very closely following not only for their appearance but also for health. She tries to eat right, but some time ago, after the birth of her daughter Angelina, she began to practice a raw food diet. Because of this she lost a few pounds.

      “I have my moments when I’m just consumed with work and at seven in the evening remember that skipped Breakfast. I can easily refuse to eat. But not from water: I like her. On the other hand, a year ago I discovered the raw food diet. I had the most amazing things in just four months I lost 48 kilos in my youth! and I learned a lot about myself, about my body,” said Victoria.

      Despite the fact that in his youth, Victoria was not quite happy with some parts of his face she dreamed of pronounced cheekbones and a different nose shape. However, do not hurry to resort to the help of plastic surgeons. Bonia is pleased that over time her features changed themselves, without any intervention.

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