Виктория Боня пообещала «стареть красиво»
The presenter responded to the haters, upreknuvshaya it in bad appearance.

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia responded to haters who criticized the star
that it began to look worse and “old”. “I’m 37 now with
tail — wrote the star on the page in a social network. In a couple of years will be forty. This
photo is not photoshopped and filters. Here you can consider
every wrinkle, if you will. “Bonia was old,” the more frequently you write
you. Only moloduhi, who write that I’m old, for some reason bezvylazno sit
on my pages, counting every wrinkle. And then ask what
creams to use and what makeup! Apparently, in his twenty –
look as “old”! I’m old, so interesting, cute
moloduhi you today not to look. Keep this in mind! And for advice
come on, I’m not greedy, I will tell all the secrets of beauty!”

This is not the first time the presenter is responsible for its
subscribers. The star previously said that she got tired
talking about their appearance. Not so long ago, in his microblog girl
decided to post a picture of his mother, and then the question about her teeth, lips
and the cheeks fell away by itself.

Bonya says she didn’t do plastic surgery, and her
the looks she inherited from her mother, who has always been and remains real
beautiful. “Girls, I’m tired to answer questions… It’s my mom. I hope
many no longer these questions about the lips, teeth, cheekbones, veneers and so forth,
says Victoria. — In our family all the women had a bright appearance.
In addition to Russian, Ukrainian blood in our veins and even a little Chinese.
On my mother’s side, our grandfather was Chinese (5 knees). I thank my mother for natural
beauty, thank you grandma for your beautiful, loving heart! It was my grandmother
instilled in us the absolute love of the world, every bug and the bug#.
Remember, not only have a beautiful appearance, it is also important to have a beautiful heart.
External beauty fades, but inner never.”