Victoria Bonia presented to the friends of the groom-the millionaire

Виктория Боня представила друзьям жениха-миллионера
The model spoke about how her new novel.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Roman Victoria Boni with the new choice continues to grow rapidly. Recently, the model has officially introduced a boyfriend to my family and friends. Best friend of Kim and fully endorses the choice Boney, just like her mother. With a potential stepfather met, and a daughter, Victoria Angelina.

“They communicate well and found a common language!” — share details of the novel Bonia. She told me that the new boyfriend is very nice takes care of her and doing a splendid surprises. And not so long ago, she hinted at the imminent marriage. Maybe the boyfriend, Victoria has made her an offer of marriage.

Curiously, yet Victoria keeps secret the name of a new lover. However, fans have long ago figured out that it is Marouane Fellaini is a Belgian footballer of Moroccan descent. Bonia recently re indirectly confirmed this rumor, stating that next year her boyfriend will come to Russia (in 2018 will host the world Cup). When Bonia will present her beloved fans are left to guess. In an interview with Love Radio, she admitted that after breaking up with Alex Servicom does not want to let into their personal lives of strangers.