Виктория Боня откровенно рассказала о новом избраннике The star is Dating French millionaire. Victoria Bonia came with the elect in the light during the Cannes film festival. According to her, Pierre Anduran already managed to teach her a very valuable gift.
Виктория Боня откровенно рассказала о новом избраннике

Victoria Bonia found love in the person of Pierre Anduran, a French entrepreneur. The man was previously married to Russian model Yevgenia Slyusarenko. They had been married for about five years, they have a daughter. Pierre owns a private investment Fund Andurand Capital. Victoria Bonia openly talked to reporters and told how they met Ancyranum in London. According to celebrity, they’re both determined.

“I can say that I never enter into a relationship if I don’t take the man seriously. And, if the person is not treating me seriously, relationships have a priori can not be”, – said Victoria.

The star admits that the man she was won over by his intelligence, depth of thought.

“Now you know, step by step, when people you first charmed, his every move, his every action is so admire you. As oxygen, who wants to have more room to breathe, and breathe, and without it is like and can’t breathe. And it all happened gradually, step by step,” he told Them about his feelings.

One of these days Bonia appeared on the red carpet in a luxurious black dress with a fluffy skirt. It turned out that her boyfriend gave this outfit as a present.

Виктория Боня откровенно рассказала о новом избраннике“Now, during the Cannes film festival, we were driving in the car. I was going to meet, I was shooting, and he went to gather in the hotel. We drove past the Dior store, and there was a very beautiful dresses in the window. I said, “Oh, what beautiful dresses!” And he said, “I Want to, while you’re shooting, I’ll choose you a dress and buy it”. It’s not something to go together to buy a dress, this man went, took pictures of the dress sent to my phone, tried on at the shop. Dresses in a single copy, in the same dimensional range. Chose, brought, choose shoes, choose a handbag and brought it to me. These dresses were made specifically for the Cannes film festival is unique. It was certainly incredible, I was so amazed, I then said, “That’s so romantic, for me this has never been done”, – said Vika.

As reported Super.ru her daughter met a child Anduran, and they spent time together.